Catalan festivals and traditions: The Correfoc and the “Diables”

The Correfoc is a show that takes place in the streets of cities and towns, where the objective is to avoid the pyrotechnics used by the “Diables” (Devils) and the imaginary and mythological beings to whom it is represented. It is an event held mostly in Catalonia, but has also spread through Valencia and the Balearic Islands. It has its roots in the Dance of the Devils already documented in the twelfth century, but it was not until the twentieth that it took its current form.

The term Correfoc arose in different Major Festivals or popular celebrations of Catalonia, like an improvised manifestation of the people, dragons and the “Diables” that acted running, jumping and dancing together under fire. During the decade of the 80s and 90s it spread throughout the geography of the Catalan counties.

Catalan festivals and traditions: The Correfoc and the "Diables"

It is a fascinating and very fun tradition, but you have to be aware that it might be dangerous if you are not careful. Our recommendations to enjoy this great party:

  • Go well covered: It is summer and is hot, but we do not want to end up full of burns. Wear long trousers (jeans are ideal), sweatshirt and a straw hat.
  • Do not suffocate: the amount of gunpowder is immense, so you better tie a scarf around your neck and cover your mouth to filter the air.
  • Care with the eyes: Sparks are dangerous for you skin and eyes. Our recommendation: wear swimming goggles, they are very effective.
  • Comfortable footwear: you will run and be pushed, so it will better to wear comfortable and tight shoes.
  • Water: Bring water to hydrate and to protect yourself from sparks and even treat occasional burns.
  • And the most important advice … Think before doing anything: do not forget that there will be a lot of people with you, so act responsibly. The “Devils” watch out for the safety of all, so they will not hesitate to take you out if they see that you do not act as you should.

Catalan festivals and traditions: The Correfoc and the "Diables"

If you follow all these tips I assure you that you will enjoy one of the best Catalan traditions, fun and full of adrenaline.

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